Welcome to Sehat Foundation

Leading to Better Health

The idea of developing 'Sehat Foundation' came from the vision of 2 friends who also are medical students and budding doctors and wanted to help and heal people and lead everyone towards better health.Being a part of medical fraternity, they actually could experience and understand the problems and hesitations that patients often faced while seeking any sort of medical help.

Hence, a strong desire developed in their hearts to provide an easy access to 'good health' to every individual and to raise their living standards in order to help them lead a 'Healthier and happier life."When they discussed their desire of doing something of this sort for the society, it actually gave rise to the idea of developing an organisation which will work towards it, But like any other organisation, without our members and team, 'Sehat" was incomplete and their support helped this idea to blossom like a flower and led to the genesis of 'Sehat Foundation'.


I am medical student, from Geetanjali medical College and Hospital, Udaipur. After getting connected to the medical field. I gradually learned the fact that majority of major diseases which India faces are preventable but still we are not only facing those diseases but also the complications of them and the reason behind it is that people are not aware about diseases, their symptoms, their prevention measures and they also doesnt seek any professional help on time which leads to more complications.

Also in the Hospitals, many patients actually struggle to get good healthcare as they are not well informed and educated enough to know that in which department they willl get the treatment or their case falls under the care of which doctor and they always search for someone to guide them. By 'Sehat Foundation', I actually want to change this picture and provide easy and good healthcare and treatment to people in need and also provide awareness and education about various diseases and strengthen the prevention measures to avoid those diseases and ultimately bridge the gap between the rural and urban India and make India more Healthy.


I am a medical student from Geetanjali medical college and hospital , Udaipur. With 'Sehat Foundation" I actually want to teach people the importance of seeking medical help at the right time and want to bridge the hesitation between doctor and patients. I have seen many people and patients escaping from medicines and decreasing the compliance of drugs which leads to development of more complications and makes the disease more stronger and the medicines more weaker. for eg: Antihypertansive drugs requires daily dosing which helps to reduce the CVS complications and keep the heart healthy but people only take these drugs when they experience stress and palpitations and skip them because of which they develop serious complications like cardiomegaly, heart failure etc.

Therefore educating people and creating awareness about self health and emphasizing the importance of regular health check ups and prevention of diseases and its complications are very important and very instrumental in development of a Healthier India and 'Sehat Foundation' is the best platform to achieve these goals.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy !!!

Our Mission

The aim of Sehat Foundation is to bridge the gap and the hesitaion that exists in the minds of people when it comes to seeking professional medical help and to lead every individual towards better health.

Sehat Foundation' aspires to bridge this gap by:

Overcoming the financial Hesitaion:

Under 'Sehat Foundation' people will get an access to free treatments under camps, free tests and regular health checkups as well as free of cost medicines which will overcome the money related hesitations of people and will encourage them to get treated.

Overcoming the social hesitation:

Often people feel shy and uncomfortable to share their problems or disease to doctors because they are not aware of diseases and its symptoms and don't know the symptoms which they are experiencing are how much serious or requires professional attention or not, so Sehat Foundation will overcome this communication gap between the health providers and health seekers by means of awareness camps ,communication programmes ,educational talks, etc..


Educating people on the importance of healthy lifestyle and ways to lead a healthy and happy life and raise the standard of living and improvements in lifestyle particularly emphasising the importance of sanitation, hygiene, diet etc, all this will contribute to better health and overall wholesome development of the community, society and ultimately the country.

Our Vision

Those who would benefit most from a service are least likely to obtain it, and this is the reason that despite of so much initiatives and efforts undertaken by our government and many other organisations, the picture of rural India has changed only little.

We at 'Sehat Foundation' aspire to be the catalysts in bringing this change sooner and more rapidly by delivering these benefits and services directly to people who need it the most particularly targeting rural areas and underpriviledged sections.

We also look forward to work parallely with the government schemes and go hand in hand with government to deliver them with more effectiveness in target areas. Under 'Sehat Foundation' we want to change the perspective in which any poor or underpriviledged or rural man looks upon healthcare and medical services and give him an assurance, confidence and positivity to seek a quality health status and lead a better and healthier life.