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There Are Multiple Ways to Help Others

'Sehat Foundation' is an initiative started in September 2016 by motivated and driven budding doctors with an aim to provide good and better health opportunities, awareness and treatments to people who actually need it the most.

We at 'Sehat Foundation' strongly believe that 'Good Health is the birthright of everyone and that everyone should have an equal access to good health.' Besides Sehat Foundation strongly argues that no person should ever die of a disease that is preventable or treatable.
Health is not merely an escape from death or disease but it has much deeper meanings rooted to every aspect of a persons life right from his birth,nutrition, education, lifestyle, habits, physical activity, social relations, mental health etc. and 'Sehat Foundation' aims to deal and improve each and every aspect in order to provide 'good health' in its true sense and complete form.

We as a part of medical fraternity feels a strong responsibility upon us to provide equal rights of access to better health opportunities and deliver proper healthcare in rural areas and underpriviledged section who actually need it the most and are also most deprived of it.

Sehat Foundation aspires to strengthen the healthcare and education awareness structure in India with a primary focus on rural India. This will be achieved by organising various medical camps like oral health, general health checkups, diabetes control programme, Eye check up camps, ENT camps, blood donation camps, AIDS awareness, cancer awareness etc. and many more all presided over and guided by senior practicing physicians, gynaecologist, ophthalmologist, ENT surgeons, etc in their presence and support alongwith volunteering team young enthusiast interns , junior residents, nursing personnels etc.

We believe that everything done in good faith and for a good cause receives strong support not only from people but also from god ,therefore we look forward to help and heal more and more people and bring a positive change in society.

We also open heartedly welcome people who wants to contribute or volunteer for the cause in any desired manner.

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Our Vision

Those who would benefit most from a service are least likely to obtain it, and this is the reason that despite of so much initiatives and efforts undertaken by our government and many other organisations, the picture of rural India has changed only little.

We at 'Sehat Foundation' aspire to be the catalysts in bringing this change sooner and more rapidly by delivering these benefits and services directly to people who need it the most particularly targeting rural areas and underpriviledged sections.

We also look forward to work parallely with the government schemes and go hand in hand with government to deliver them with more effectiveness in target areas. Under 'Sehat Foundation' we want to change the perspective in which any poor or underpriviledged or rural man looks upon healthcare and medical services and give him an assurance, confidence and positivity to seek a quality health status and lead a better and healthier life.


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